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ERS Delivery is a web-based software package that allows your customers to order on-line. Everything that can be automated has been. all the way down to automated/intelligent add-on services, customer surveys and reminders to book again. ERS Delivery then allows you to run your business more efficiently through the use of reports, automatic marketing tools, scheduling and routing tools that combine into a money making machine. You can use the software from any location that has internet access, including your phone! The only thing cooler than taking an order while shopping or hanging out, is getting orders from customers while you sleep! You can have as many order takers or customers accessing your site at the same time as you wish.

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Your customers will appreciate instantly emailed receipts with pictures and deposit information. They will also appreciate the shopping reminders that are automatically sent to them.

Customers like being asked about their opinions (and you'll like the feedback). That's why ERS Delivery automatically sends each customer an on-line survey and can ask them to rate or comment on anything that you would like to know.
Can I make changes to my site?

Absolutely! We made our own CMS (content management system) that allows you to add and edit your own pages and text. It's just like using a word processor. You can make as many pages as you want. For example, once you've collected some nice testimonials about your Delivery Service (the automatic surveys do this for you), you can make a "Reviews" page and it will be automatically added to the navigation on the site. Just copy/clip the text!


Start and evolve your online presence!
We host your site for you
Make changes to your site quickly
Take online orders even while you sleep


See all your deliveries!
See past, present, future deliveries.
Place orders with our control panel
Integrate with other apps


ERS Delivery works for your business!
Get data on how your business is doing
Gain insight to your customers
Expand with confidence


Put Your Delivery Business on Auto Pilot!

ERS Delivery helps you make more money while spending less time by automating crucial parts of your business. From hosting your website and online orders to automated marketing, ERS takes many daily tasks off of your hands, allowing you to focus on more crucial aspects of your business.

You get:

  • Your own easy to edit website that takes orders around the clock.
  • Account receivables.
  • Automated surveys.
  • Tax, demographics and sales reporting.
  • Automated scheduling, routing and load sheets.
  • Automated marketing tools.
  • An affordable system that grows with you.

Your customers get:

  • Real-time online ordering.
  • Real-time online availability for your team.
  • Electronic receipts.
  • Automated reminders of their upcoming deliveries.
  • Automatic reminders to order again.

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